Dr. Danny Matta - The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast - Physical Therapy Consulting - MobilityWOD
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Danny Matta is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping other business owners. He’s become a go to business consultant for cash based physical therapy practices across the country. As the founder of Athletes’ Potential he’s developed his 4 simple but effective keys to a successful business.


How to convince others that what you do can solve their problem.


How to get your unique message out to the right people at the right time.


How you replicate what you do best so you can leverage others to help your company grow.


How to find A players in a world of C players.

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This past weekend, we hosted Toko Nguyen from Institute for Athlete Regeneration. Toko’s organization put on a sports manual therapy course and it was awesome! Toko is an amazing instructor and I highly recommend looking into taking one of his team’s courses. Our staff is......

Courtney Morse is an interesting guy. He’s done it all and currently owns a multi-clinician cash practice. He’s also one of our head coaches in PT Biz and I’m excited to share his story. PT Everywhere: https://pteverywhere.com/ Do you enjoy the podcast? If so, leave......

Today, I wanted to share some beneficial information that I continually get from our Mastermind members. Recently, some of our members have noticed a similar trend in our profession and it’s a really positive thing that I wanted to share with you all. Enjoy! PT......