E412 | 4 Keys To A 5-10K A Month Side Hustle - Danny Matta
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E412 | 4 Keys To A 5-10K A Month Side Hustle

E412 | 4 Keys To A 5-10K A Month Side Hustle

The infamous side hustle! Performance-based clinicians have been using this for years to dip their toes in the water bc let’s be honest most of us are too scared to burn the ships (and rightfully so). We’ve got families to take care of. Student loans to pay. And we really don’t know what we are doing!!!
So…ENTER the side hustle- The low-risk easy way to start getting some proof of concept before diving in. I would say out of the hundreds of successful cash practices we work with 90% or more started in side hustle mode.
So the question is how do you make your side hustle spectacular so not only can you earn some extra revenue but also feel confident enough to take the next step, quit your current job, and go ALL IN!!!
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