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The tools you need to succeed in your practice.

Welcome to the resources section of Physical Therapy Biz. We have tested numerous different tools for our PT and digital businesses. These are the few tools we have found that we trust and use everyday.
Before digging into these awesome resources, an important disclosure:
Some of these links may be affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase or utilize one of these tools, I may receive an affiliate commission from that. This commission comes at additional cost to you.
Please understand that these are tools I recommend because they work, not because of the possible small commission I might earn from you deciding to use them as well.


ConvertKit is my number one recommendation I give out for email email management.

We use this for our weekly newsletter as well as automated email sequences for different workshops and digital content.

The really great thing about ConvertKit is that it allows you to segment and tag email list members easily. The is the simplest and most cost effective to start building true automation into your website and email marketing.


ClickFunnels is my number one recommendation I give out for landing pages and opt in pages.

ClickFunnels seriously is a one stop shop to manage and grow your digital presence. You can easily put together pages to get email opt ins. You can build custom landing pages for marketing new services. You can even put together entire digital courses (The Gym PT Blueprint is built and hosted on ClickFunnels). We use this in a number of different ways for my PT practice and online business.

One of the coolest things with ClickFunnels is the ability to share funnels.

Just click the Try ClickFunnels box, start your free trial and email with any questions!


PtEverywhere is my number one recommendation I give out for practice management and EMR.

We use this for scheduling, documenting, and payments.

One of our favorite things about PtEverywhere is that it was designed by a cash-based PT clinic owner who understands the importance of being efficient. It streamlines our operations and simplifies admin tasks. Saving time and crafting our patient journey have been vital to scaling up our PT practice.