E71 | Marketing Event Wrap Up Pt.1 - Danny Matta
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E71 | Marketing Event Wrap Up Pt.1


E71 | Marketing Event Wrap Up Pt.1

Episode 71 of the PT Entrepreneur Podcast is coming from Orlando, FL. My friend Yves Gege and I trecked down to the ClickFunnels marketing conference to learn about digital marketing from the best in the business and after each day of the conference, we’ll do a recap on what we learned and how it can help your PT practice. Today we talk about why it’s important to know what your vision is, what are you trying to create and who are you trying to serve. Yves and I also touch on talking about how to channel your creative energy into running your business after you have got it off the ground. Most importantly I also talk about why High Life is the best of the worst light beer. Let us know your thoughts via an iTunes review and stay tuned for the second edition next week.


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