E16 | Yves Gege The P.T. On Demand - Danny Matta
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E16 | Yves Gege The P.T. On Demand

P.T. On Demand

E16 | Yves Gege The P.T. On Demand

On episode 16 of The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast I sit down with my friend Yves Gege to talk about his cutting edge P.T. software platform P.T. On Demand and how is getting seed money to get it going. If you aren’t familiar with PT on Demand’s it is a telemedicine practice that delivers a customized video based physical therapy regimen to clients that can’t afford office based cash based P.T. and their insurance won’t cover a traditional route. Each visit the patient has is a 1on1 experience with a physical therapist where they receive a diagnosis, a physical rehabilitation regimen with videos, and any patient education requirements or questions. PTOD was started on the idea that proactive healthcare should be brought back into the patient’s hands. The idea was founded upon basic treatment principles in rehabilitation and exercise science. It has been proven that the most active patients recover quicker and responded better to treatment.

On the episode we get into a bunch of cool topics like what fuels Yves Entrepreneurial spirit, how he and his partner got seed money for their business and how he continues to stay hungry.

If you want to learn more about P.T. on Demand & Yves go here




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