E21 | Give Time On The Front End - Danny Matta
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E21 | Give Time On The Front End

give time on the front end

E21 | Give Time On The Front End

If you have ever had to hire a lawyer for anything than you know how annoying it can be when you get a bill and you have been charged down to the microsecond, including that “free consultation” you had. In the physical therapy career field people tend to handle things the same way, if someone sends an email asking a question about a sprained ankle too often the response is “let’s book you an appointment,” when it should be: take 20 minutes give time on the front end to the patient and it will come back. Much like the law of reciprocity in business the P.T. career field it’s of the highest importance that you take time to listen and talk to patients regardless of if your billing them. It builds trust with potential patients and raises the likelihood that someone will come back and spend some money at your practice.

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