E77 | Clickfunnels Event Day 4 Wrap-Up - Danny Matta
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E77 | Clickfunnels Event Day 4 Wrap-Up


E77 | Clickfunnels Event Day 4 Wrap-Up

On Episode 77 of the PT Entrepreneur Podcast Yvese Gigi and I sit down to recap our experience at the last day of the 2018 Clickfunnels Funnel Hacking seminar. The highlights include

  • Why you should join a mastermind group
  • Why Yvese and I never need to see Tony Robbins live again
  • Why Mindset is 80% of success and how to use it to affect your cash PT sales and marketing
  • Why success without fulfillment is failure
  • How personal training will make you a better Physical Therapist

Hopefully sharing my experience at the Clickfunnels seminar can help all of your learn a few thing to make your practice better. Feel free to hit me up with questions @dannymattapt on Instagram or leave and iTunes review, I try to answer every review that comes in.

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