E57 | Zach Long a.k.a The Barbell Physio - Danny Matta
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E57 | Zach Long a.k.a The Barbell Physio

zach long barbell physio

E57 | Zach Long a.k.a The Barbell Physio

On episode 57 of the P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast, I sit down with Zach Long to talk about developing a personal brand. If you aren’t aware of Zach over the last 3 years he has developed one of the best following’s on the internet via his PhyisioCoach website The Barbell Physio. The site is the combination of educational blog posts, movement, and mobility demo videos and programming to fix pain and improve performance. On this episode, we talk about how Zach went about establishing his personal brand, how long it took him to get up and going and then how he is continuing to grow the brand into a powerhouse in the strength & conditioning communities. Check it out and let me know what you learned from Zach that you’ll use to develop your personal brand via an iTunes review.

Learn more about Zach and check out his brand at http://thebarbellphysio.com

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