E53 | A Strategy Call With Eric Wallace - Danny Matta
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E53 | A Strategy Call With Eric Wallace

Eric Wallace

E53 | A Strategy Call With Eric Wallace

Earlier this year I launched a Goal Setting Challenge where tons of you guys preplanned a major goal to achieve, wrote it down and then submitted it to me. I checked them all out and selected Dr. Eric Wallace of Motus Physical Therapy in Appleton, WI to win a free 1-hour strategy call.

On this call we talk about Eric’s current business where he specializes in helping golfers, then asses his goals and talk about some options for growing his business.

Hopefully, you can learn something from our conversation. If you’re interested in a strategy call of your own feel free to reach out to danny@athletespotential.com.

Learn more about Eric Wallace here http://www.motusrx.com/

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