E26 | Carlos Berio - Danny Matta
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E26 | Carlos Berio

carlos berio

E26 | Carlos Berio

On Episode 26 of The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast I sit down with my friend Carlos Berio to talk about the growth cycles of a cash based P.T. practice. Carlos Berio is among the most highly trained and lauded P.T.’s in the Metro D.C. region and is the proud owner of SPARK Physiotherapy, which is a massive 4,000 sq. ft. facility packed to the gills with cutting edge tech.

The reason I wanted to talk to Carlos is to help all of you understand the proper growth cycles for a cash based P.T. business. It would be crazy to think you could just graduate PT school and open a practice as large as Carlos did. However we all want to get there. So this episode serves as a great template on how to grow your practice from patient 1 to 100k.

Learn more about Carlos Berio here

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