E24 | Gene Shirokobrod Talks Entrepreneurship By Doing
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E24 | Gene Shirokobrod Talks Entrepreneurship By Doing

Entrepreneurship By Doing

E24 | Gene Shirokobrod Talks Entrepreneurship By Doing

The truth is that the feeling of independence entrepreneurship brings isn’t a static thing. The books and the podcasts don’t tell you about bringing your family to the brink of financial ruin in order to open your podcast, they don’t tell you about the 24/7 grind to keep your endeavor alive. However it’s these moments that define and shape your life and future. On Episode 24 of the P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast I catch up with P.T. & Podcaster Gene Shirokobrodabout entrepreneurship by doing.

Gene is proof doing will lead to success as a entrepreneur. He’s a OG podcaster, published author, founder of UpDoc, a digital marketing agency for P.T.’s & Recharge and P.T. clinic for CrossFitters. On this episode he shares his failures and successes to help us learn from them.



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