E144 | PT Entrepreneurs Group Q/A with Yves Gege - Danny Matta
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E144 | PT Entrepreneurs Group Q/A with Yves Gege

pt entrepreneurs group

E144 | PT Entrepreneurs Group Q/A with Yves Gege

Good news I am coming out retirement from APTA events to go to CSM in January. If you are headed there hit me up and we can hang. Ok onto the good stuff. On Episode 144 of the PT Entrepreneurs Podcast my buddy, Yves Gege, and answer all of the questions from the PT Entrepreneurs Facebook group.

Here are the questions we answer on the podcast:

  • From a Student: What else should I focus on besides school to set my self up as a good PT Entrepreneur?
  • Any recommendations on marketing my business to the older community.
  • A good read recommendation from Yves
  • What works best as far as takeaways at local competitions

If you aren’t am member of the PT Entrepreneurs Facebook Group join it¬†here!

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