E14 | Shantel Khleif - Danny Matta
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E14 | Shantel Khleif

Shantel Khleif

E14 | Shantel Khleif

On Episode 14 of the P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast I catch up with my friend Shantel Khleif who is the co-founder of Imagine Media consulting. Imagine Media is one of the the industry leaders in social media marketing space and on this episode she is going to share some of her knowledge and explain how to apply it in the physical therapy space.

About Shantel Khleif
Stemming from a deep love and respect for small businesses, Shantel built Imagine Media to give an online voice to companies who wouldn’t otherwise have the time to do so. As the previous owner of a Wedding Planning company, and as the previous co-founder of a Non Profit aimed at assisting students in need, Shantel is a go-getter through and through with a huge heart. When she’s not networking her way through Atlanta, selling our services to business owners in need, and motivating the team to be the best that they can be, you can find Shantel exploring Atlanta with her big and lovable pup, Gunnar. Read more about how she got started and the story of Imagine Media here.

Learn More About Shantel here https://www.imaginemediaconsulting.com

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