E132 | The Dream 10 - Danny Matta
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E132 | The Dream 10

dream 10

E132 | The Dream 10

This episode of the PT Entrepreneur Podcast comes live straight from my hotel room in Phoenix. The next few podcast are inspired by my experience at the ClickFunnels mastermind with digital marketing expert Russell Brunson. At the seminar they talk about this idea of finding partner in the digital marketing space that can become influencers for your business. It got me thinking and I came up with this concept of the Dream 10, which is 10 people that you have a strong collaborative relationship and are not necessarily referral sources. Tune in to find out why I think this is a huge deal for local businesses like cash PT’s and some ideas for assembling your Dream 10.

Speaking of masterminds the new PT Entrepreneurs mastermind is opening up soon. Make sure you get on the wait list here to get in when we open it back up.

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