E12 | Theresa Larson - Danny Matta
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E12 | Theresa Larson

Thersa Larson

E12 | Theresa Larson

On Episode 12 of The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast I catch up with Dr. Theresa Larson. If you aren’t familiar with Theresa she’s a P.T., an author, a former marine, a business owner, a MobilityWOD coach and the founder of the CrossFit Speciality Course
Adaptive Athlete, basically a total bad ass.

The topics we cover with Theresa
-How to get the balls to start your own business
-Why working on public speaking is so important
-The hiring process: how to do it when it’s time
-How to plan for productivity

Where to find Dr. Theresa Larson
@thersalarson on Instagram


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