E119 | Getting Your Brand Message Nailed Down - Danny Matta
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E119 | Getting Your Brand Message Nailed Down

Brand Message

E119 | Getting Your Brand Message Nailed Down

When you first start out as a new cash practice owner you will see any patient who needs to be seen. You are hungry to build your clientele and make some money. Eventually though every PT gets to a point where they feel like they have a niche or they want to start targeting a certain demographic of people. Unfortunately the idea of targeting a niche is only a dream if you brand message isn’t nailed down. Luckily for all you fledgling cash practice owners out there my good buddy Yves Gege joins the podcast this week to discuss the best practices for getting your brand message dialed in.

Here is a link to check out theĀ Gym PT Blue Print which we reference in this episode.

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