E02 | Lauren Sok of Fuctionize Health - Danny Matta
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E02 | Lauren Sok of Fuctionize Health

Lauren Sok

E02 | Lauren Sok of Fuctionize Health

On Episode 2 of The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast Danny catches up with fellow P.T. and Entrepreneur Lauren Sok to to hear her story of getting out of the big business medicine machine and launching her own practice.

Everyday I am living my dream which is reaffirmed by the commissioned artwork on my office wall which rightfully states, “Are you living your dream, or still dreaming of living.”

This is the text on a piece of art in Lauren’s office and I feel as though it sums this episode up really well the other subjects we cover are:

-How Lauren Sok got started and why
-Some of the struggles of hanging her own shingle
-What success is
-Lauren’s secret to success

You can find out more about Lauren Sok here

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