E59 | Personal Injury 101 with Bruce Hagen - Danny Matta
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E59 | Personal Injury 101 with Bruce Hagen

bruce hagen

E59 | Personal Injury 101 with Bruce Hagen

Do you know what your liability as a business owner if you accidentally injure someone in the course of care? Most of us have an idea but don’t actually know. That is why I asked my good friend, Bruce Hagen or Hagen Law to come on the PT Entrepreneur Podcast to give us a personal injury 101.

Bruce Hagen is one of the world’s foremost experts on personal injury law. He has worked on claims ranging from NFL concussion suits to starting the Bike Law movement in the United States. Learn more about him and his practice at http://hagen-law.com and Bike Law at http://bikelaw.com.

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