E33 | Efosa Guobadia - Danny Matta
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E33 | Efosa Guobadia

Efosa Guobadia

E33 | Efosa Guobadia

On Episode 33 of the P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast I sit down for a chat with Efosa Guobadia who is the CEO of Move Together and the co-found of cool non-profit PT movement called PT Day of Service.

Move Together is a non profit organization whose mission is to increase access to quality rehabilitation medicine around the corner and around the world.

PT Day of Service is the first global Day of Service coordinated by a whole profession. It gives PT’s the chance to lead and serve at the same time. Efosa’s hope for this day is that it sparks new connections, strengthens established ones, and further stimulates conversations on how we can keep this river flowing strongly for our profession and the communities we touch.

On this episode Efosa Guobadia tells us more about starting a nonprofit PT service and his motivation behind it.

Learn more about Efosa Guobadia, Move Together & the P.T. Day of Service here:





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