E10 | Jimmy McKay The Business Of Podcasting - Danny Matta
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E10 | Jimmy McKay The Business Of Podcasting

Jimmy McKay of the P.T. Pintcast

E10 | Jimmy McKay The Business Of Podcasting

On Episode 10 of The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast we are joined by Jimmy McKay of the P.T. Pintcast to talk about the business of Podcasting.

Yep! That’s right we are talking about making money from talking on skype. If you aren’t familiar with Jimmy he is the host of the P.T. Pintcast, which is the most popular podcast in the Physical Therapy field. Before starting his career as a podcast host and physio Jimmy was a radio D.J. and PD (program director) in the terrestrial radio business and was able to parlay those 2 very unique skill sets into a job that pays him a similar salary to practicing physical therapy.

On the episode we talk about:
-Why start a podcast and what makes it so exciting
-How to monetize your story
-How to talk to someone about paying what you are worth.
-The key to a successful podcast
-Why I have a podcast is not a good pick-up line

Where to Find Jimmy McKay:

@mckayjr7 on Twitter


About Jimmy McKay:

Jimmy is a recent graduate of the Marymount University DPT program. He is a pediatric physical therapist at Good Beginnings in Falls Church, VA. He brings more than a decade of experience as a radio broadcaster to the show. He was the Program Director & Afternoon Drive host on the 50,000 watt Rock Radio Station, 97.9X (WBSX-FM).

The PT Pintcast combines his love for physical therapy, broadcasting & beer.
He is the 2015 winner of the Richard E. Erhard Orthopedic Residency scholarship from the Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy. The award is given yearly to a PT student that, “demonstrates exemplary vision, leadership and grit in the field of Physical Therapy.”

He has been an invited media member by the American Physical Therapy Association to all three major conferences (CSM, NSC & NEXT), been an invited presenter at the VPTA annual conference, National Student Conclave and the APTA NEXT conference.

He hosted the Foundation for Physical Therapy’s fundraising gala in 2017 & was asked to lead the “Founders Interview”, at the APTA Private Practice Section Graham Sessions 2017.
Jimmy is a 2-time Ironman triathlon finisher (Madison, Lake Placid), mountaineer & scuba diver. In his spare time he volunteers his time as a marathon coach for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training in Washington D.C., as well as coaching the “The Holy Mackerels” youth swim team in Arlington VA.

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